Thursday, March 31, 2016


Today, i have learn to be grateful. Alhamdulillah, Allah buka mata aku untuk melihat realiti dunia. I was waiting for the bus at the station. My bus is suppose to arrive at 4.30pm . It's a long time to wait as i have arrived at the station 4 hours early, Aku duduk di kerusi yang jauh dari manusia. Suddenly, i saw an old Indian man heading towards me. Then he ask me, what am i waiting for. I tell him i was waiting the bus to go back to my hometown. The old man smile at me, and go away. And i was thinking, why is he alone in this foreign country. He looking mad. I assume the old man is homeless. He look very old and tired. Does he have family..? I'm wondering.. I feel sad for the old man. After a few minutes, i saw a family sitting in the front row at the waiting lobby. A husband and a wife with two kids with them. The father has lost both of his hand. His wife is a normal woman. I was thinking, how do they raises both of their kids..? They are an abnormal family. Although they are in that condition, they seem like a happy family. This two incidents that happen to me today really make me realize. There is a lot of people out there are unlucky. And I have learn from this incidents, that i have to be grateful for having a better life. Alhamdulillah, Allah has open my eyes. Allah has shown me that i'm not the only person who is facing a hard time. There is a billion people are facing a different things. And i'm one of them. And for every hardship there is a relief.. Trust Allah.. He knows what the best for us.. Syukur Selalu..😊